Presentation Design

Your company’s identity shouldn’t stop with your logo or stationery. Consistent branding of your image should be applied to every method of communication your organization uses. This includes any small group and large presentations, workshops, or trade shows. A lot of companies choose to go with a manufacturer or a factory wholesaler to develop their presentation graphics because they can do it cheaper. Usually, that’s true. But, at what price are you sacrificing your message and identity? Your investment should return more than just savings, more importantly, it should return conversions in sales.

With our extensive print background, there is practically no signage or design project we can’t tackle. We have provided several organizations with coordinated designs, backdrops, and graphic panels for their presentation events. We do not manufacture the materials, but we work with several companies directly to ensure you the best quality and most cost effective products available.

Need collateral, powerpoint, and other related materials for your event? Look no further, we will asses your needs and work with you to develop a successful identity that you can use on a number of occasions.

Presentation and Display Services:

  • Trade Show Displays*
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • POS/POD Posters
  • Event Banners
  • Coordinated Print Materials [ie. brochures, ads, etc…]
  • Custom-Branded Powerpoint Presentations
  • And more

*Please note that we develop your graphics and designs from concept to the pre-production phase. We do not produce the finished products, but we manage your project from start to finish. We don’t even bill you for the production. The manufacturer will bill your company directly. No middle man.