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Nowadays, it’s pretty difficult to sell products or services UNLESS you’re also selling online. It used to be that no one was comfortable selling or buying anything substantial online. Now, it’s almost the other way around. A lot of people don’t like picking up the phone or worse, driving somewhere to purchase something they can just as easily buy from a website – a lot easier and a lot quicker.

There is NO silver bullet to making a successful online store. Unlike what many advertising campaigns tell us, it doesn’t happen over night and it’s not free. The secret to the success of an e-commerce website is sound planning, positioning your products/services properly, and continuously improving what can improve. Before your online store is finished, we’ve already planned for the promotion and marketing of your site.

  • Our most basic e-commerce solution is to create a static html website and use either “buy now” buttons from Paypal or Mal’s eCommerce, or Google Checkout.
  • If your store or e-commerce site offers several products/services and you would like to have more options than simply receiving orders, we will develop your website on a database. This ties into a shopping cart program and offers you a variety of options and settings to track your sales, sign ups, inventory, and traffic more effectively.
  • We build more complex and multiple product e-commerce sites using a template-based system. These more advanced solutions utilize the most popular merchant solutions and gateway providers and are fully PCI compliant.

We have experience with all of these methods and we’ll work with you to find the solution that works best for your particular needs. Many times, your needs will change over time. We are on the journey together and will consult with you to make all of your upgrades successful and cost-effective.

e-Commerce Services:

  • Design or redesign and overhaul
  • Upgrade to database-powered store
  • Consultation and strategic planning
  • Integration with Google ppc and analytics
  • Hosting is available for all customers
  • Static html, or template-based system CMS website solutions.

Want more information, please call us at 410-861-8274.